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Changing your name in a divorce

Question: I am going to get divorced and want to take back my maiden name, how do I do that? Answer: The law makes this very easy. To revery back to your maiden name you need to do several steps. The first is to include your request in your petition…

Child Custody and Taxes

The new year always brings aboout issues of taxes, and in cases in which a child’s parents are not married or do not live together, the question of the tax status for each indiviudal and who gts to claim the child and all the credits for the child. The easiest…

Alimony/Maintenance – TAX CHANGES

Pursuant to the new tax law passed, Alimony/Maintenance will no longer be taxable income to the recieving party and no longer a tax deduction to the paying party on all orders under a divorce or seperation agreement entered after December 31, 2018.  This change can have significant tax implications for…

Let’s Talk TAXES

The dreaded T word, that has been in the news a lot lately as Congress works on passing a new tax bill.  How that bill will affect each individual’s tax situation will not likely be known until March or April, in terms of any adjustments to your withholdings.  But there…

New Guidelines on IEP goal standards in light of Endrew F.

The Department of Education has released new guidelines for IEP goals in light of the court case Endrew F. v. Douglas Country School District (137 S. Ct. 988).  Endrew rejected the 10th Circuit and other circuits findings that IEP  must result in educational benefit only merely more than de minimis. …

How Attorneys Identify Winning Back Pain Social security Disability Cases

Come check out a new blog post I co-wrote with fellow SSA Disability Attorney Jonathan Ginsberg on how attorneys evaluate disability back claims. Jonathan is a long time attorney in the Atlanta area, who’s firm handles Social Security Disability cases, as well as workers comp, bankruptcy, and auto accident cases….

Things to do before sending a child to college.

It’s fall, which means anyone with a senior in high school is doing the same thing, College Applications.  But while you are choosing a college, and worrying about how to pay for it, there are a few other things you need to consider before move in day. Are doctors and…

Social Security and Child Support

Question:  Can my Social Security Benefits be garnished for child support? Answer: Maybe, it depends on whether you are getting Disability Insured Benefits, Retirement Benefits, or SSI.  SSI cannot be garnished for child support, but the other’s can.  Support orders are one of the few things that can be garnished…

Divorce or Dissolution?

Question:  I don’t want to be married anymore do I file a divorce or a dissolution? Answer:  There are two ways to terminate a marriage in Ohio, either a Divorce or Dissolution proceedings.  There are significant differences between the two.  One important difference is that you can only get temporary…

SSA Announces 2018 COLA increases

Have questions?  Need to file for Disability?  Give me a call today to discuss your options. Because Life Happens

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Erin Schmidt has been an attorney for over 10 years in the fields of Social Security, Medical Disability, and Family Law.

Erin M. Schmidt

Social Security, Family Law, Medical Disability

Welcome to the Law Office of Erin M. Schmidt Graduating in 2006 from St. Louis…