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Review of disability process and more on unemployment

SSA has announced it has undertaken an independent review of what many have already told them. Some judges do not award benefits to those who deserve them and some judges award to everyone. In a previous post I highlighted the issue at one office. Further, Ssa is ceasing telling us which ALJ the hearing is scheduled with. This is horrible policy and the arguments against are laid out well in NOSSCRs letter to SSA.

In other news, the Huffington Post and several other news sources have articles regarding the correlation between unemployment benefits ending and the increase in disability claims.  These articles are very one sided and make it seem that the claimants are cheating the system or that getting disability is easy.  Neither can be further from the truth.  There is nothing easy about waiting years for your benefits.

Every single one of my disability clients wants to work.  Many continue to search for a job they can perform, even while applying for disability.  News sources  do a disservice to our view on the disabled and continue to perpetrate myths regarding the disability process with these half truth and one sided reports.  Instead of explaining that a person over the age of 50 who is limited to sedentary work, who was laid off from their job loading trucks, standing on a line, etc because, due to their disability, they were the least productive worker, is properly awarded benefits, despite still possibly being able to eventually find a sit down job. Instead, they equate disability with the inability to do any work, which is incorrect for even younger folks.

Remember, disability means you cannot perform full range of work at a certain exertional level on a full time and consistent  basis.  Experienced and knowledgable counsel can help you through the process and fully explain the rules your case falls under.

To read the articles for yourself