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How to Survive Until My Social Security Disability Benefits are Approved Pt 2 – Housing

For almost everyone our largest expense each month is our housing. When your illness causes you to be unable to work, it is also one of the hardest expenses to cut.  Here are some things to consider regarding your housing while waiting for your benefits and beyond.

1) Downsize – Many people on disability downsize their living quarters not only to save on cost, but often to obtain more disability friendly housing.  This may mean a home without stairs, where lawn work is not required, or maintenance is provided.  Downsizing can be difficult if you own your home and need to sell or if your caught in a long lease, but it is something to consider.

2) Get a roommate/ Move in with someone – again, many on disability, especially those who are single, will take in a roommate or move in with relative (grown child, sibling, or their parents).  While this also helps in covering the cost of housing, the person also generally assists the claimant with their daily activities

3) Housing assistance – Some states offer help for affordable housing as do some charities.  Further, you can explore section 8 housing (please note that Section 8 housing may have significant waiting lists) or other housing where rent is tied to income.  This help can be rather limited and or have significant wait periods.

Remember that Social Security Disability will not fully replace your income.  It is important to plan your housing options ahead of time considering your reduced finances.