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Chronic pain and mental Health

Time and time again I meet clients just starting their disability applications.  They’ve recently been injured or stopped working due to a condition that is causing them chronic pain, loss of mobility, and no loss of employment.  Over the course of waiting for a hearing, many of these clients are subsequently also diagnosed with depression.  It is well known that chronic pain and depression can go hand in hand, each feeding off each other.  See Pain and depression: Is there a link?

When trying to get Social Security disability benefits, it is important to address depression if it occurs.  Social Security must consider ALL your impairments, even the ones that are not severe enough to be disabling by themselves.  But the effects of the condition may further restrict your ability to work.

If you believe your chronic pain is causing depression, talk to your doctor.  Document the depression and make sure Social Security hears about it.

For more information on chronic pain and depression see Depression and Chronic Pain