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Misinformation fueling attacks on Disability program – The Hill’s Congress Blog

The fact remains that making it more difficult to qualify for SSDI, and cutting SSDI benefits, would be a “kick the can down the road” approach that won’t have any measurable impact on American taxpayers, or the federal deficit. That strategy may appear pennywise today, but will prove to be…

New 6th Circuit case on EAJA fees The district court gave a sentence-four remand bit refused EAJA fees citing that due to the contingent fee retainer used in SSA cases,  the plaintiff has not incurred any fees thus EAJA was not available and the assignment was barred by Anti-assignment act. 6th Circuit reversed stating that plaintiff…

A new better pain scale (funny)

via A new better pain scale (funny).

What will my disability hearing be like?

This is a common question for clients, many of them are nervous and anxious about their hearings.  I also get asked if the client will have to speak and the answer is always YES!  While there will be other people talking at your hearing, the majority will come from you….

Writing on the Wall

Writing on the Wall. Sadly, the cartoon on this is too true for many parents. via Writing on the Wall.

Supreme Court: In Vitro Twins Conceived After Dad’s Death Are Not Entitled to Survivor Benefit – News – ABA Journal

Supreme Court: In Vitro Twins Conceived After Dad’s Death Are Not Entitled to Survivor Benefit – News – ABA Journal. Survivor death benefits (and thus also Disabled Adult Child off Dad’s record benefits)  are not available under current laws to children conceived through IVF after a parent’s death.   NOTE: each case…

Social Media and Investor Fraud

While this site is aimed at seniors, they aren’t the only ones taken in by fraud through the internet, social media and email.  Good tips for everyone to review and know. SEC – Social Media and Seniors

Disability Judges – SSA’s secret Judge Policy

By now, unless you have been living under a rock, you have seen multiple news stories about Social Security Disability.  Whether it has been the announcement that the fund will run out of reserves in a few years or the media focus on how EASY  people get award benefits, the…

Agencies’ say electronic records can reduce time for disability rulings – Longview News-Journal: News

The benefits of the new process include: • faster delivery of DoD medical records to Social Security ,• a more efficient system to obtain records,• a reduction in the time it takes to make a medical decision on a disability claim, and • a reduction in the number of consultative…

Another Disability Judge Placed on Leave –

Another Disability Judge Placed on Leave – The Social Security Administration has placed a disability law judge on paid administrative leave while it looks into complaints about his demeanor during hearings, the man’s lawyer said. Administrative law judge Gerald Krafsur, based on Kingsport, Tenn., was placed on leave last…