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Day 2 of NOSSCR saw multiple programs regarding testimony from David Travers at SSAConnect  and Robert Angermeier.  Lots of good tips on many of the pitfalls VE’s give us.  Also took in the Children’s program and a program on RFC.

Other information passed along from the conference.

1 in 5 men and 1 of 7 women will die within 5 years of obtaining their disability benefits.

A number of factors have lead to the increase in number of people applying for disability.  This includes

  • Baby Boomers reaching the prime age for disability (over 50)
  • Recession
  • Increase of the eligibility pool (more women working, Teachers, Postal Workers, Clergy and other occupations opting into the program)
  • Private Long Term Disability and State programs requiring recipients to apply
  • more Americans are uninsured
  • less forgiving workplaces

One other factor mentioned was the rise in the retirement age and the shifting of those between the ages of 65 to 70 (as the retirement age increases to 70) who previously would have joined the retirement rolls instead ending up on disability.