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A new better pain scale (funny)

pain scale (funny)

via A new better pain scale (funny).


  1. Love this! Many of my clients struggle with chronic pain, and I am all too familiar with it myself. I hate when doctors ask to rate on scale of 1-10! I know that right after surgery, say, it’s 10, don’t remember what 1 was like. A scale that would work better is: noticeable, uncomrtable, really uncomfortable, can hardly move, can’t stand it, and put me out of my misery! But that’s still subjective, which is the real issue with these things that purport to be objective. The GAF is another example.

    Enjoy you posts.

    Nan Evans

    1. Oh I know. So many clients have problems with this. Then there are those who have a higher tolerance for pain and almost ignore it until it’s really uncomfortable or can hardly move.

      I have had judges find clients with low GAF scores (under 45) as non-severe and argued that very thing. The GAF was too subjective and thus they were chosing to ignore it.

  2. Sorry, could you just leave something to show it’s from Hyperbole and a Half? I just don’t see any credit given on here and it’s bothering me a bit.