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Top 10 Reasons to Hire an Attorney for your disability case

10.  You’re sick and in pain and without an attorney your disability application or appeal is just another thing you would have to worry about alone.

9.   Because an attorney know how important each of those questions are like how much did you lift and how often and what the terms mean.

8.    It is not enough for your Doctor to declare you disabled and an attorney will get the Doctor’s opinion in the language that Social Security needs to hear.

7.   Vocational testimony is at almost every hearing and  you will not understand what all those numbers mean or what they are saying but an attorney will.

6.   You don’t really want to fill out page after page of documentation for Social Security by yourself.

5.  You need to show up at hearing prepared, including having all your updated records so your hearing is not delayed.   Social Security may or may not have gotten all your records at earlier levels and will not update your file after you ask for a hearing.  An attorney will know what is in your file and work to get all the records, in the file, prior to hearing.

4.  You do not have time, energy, or focus  to learn all the rules and regulations for Social Security that are found in the 2 inch thick CFR,  dozens of SSA rulings, Hallex and POMS.

3.  If there is a problem with your case like it gets lost, records don’t arrive, the wrong records end up in your file etc.. the attorney knows how to fix it.

2.  Your chances of approval at all levels are higher with an attorney.

and the Number 1 reason

Social Security makes mistakes that could cost you months of benefits or delay your case longer than it needs to be.  You may not catch those mistakes but an attorney will.