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My doctor says I am totally disabled but I was denied my Social Security Disability

I can’t repeat it enough your doctor saying your totally disabled means nothing.

Not to your case

Not to your attorney

Not to Social Security

And not to the courts

Finally, Dr. Agre’s finding that Renstrom was “totally disabled” “gets no deference because it invades the province of the Commissioner to make the ultimate disability determination.”  Perkins,  648 F.3d at 898.  Accordingly, “the ALJ was permitted to disregard [Dr. Agre’s] conclusory  statement, unsupported by the objective medical evidence, that [Renstrom] is disabled.”  Choate v. Barnhart, 457 F.3d 865, 870 (8th Cir. 2006).

from Renstrom V. Asture 8th Circuit 2012

Your doctor must tell Social Security what work related functions you can and cannot do.  If all they do is make a blanket statement that you are disabled, totally disabled or such, Social Security will ignore their statement and the courts will back them up.