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What other legal services will my family need if I am applying for disability

If you or a loved one is applying for or receiving disability benefits you should not put off having the following documents
1) Power of Attorney

2)Living Will/Health Directive

3) Will and or trust

4) Guardianship

5) Special Needs Trust – this is extremely important for disabled adults receiving SSI who may inherit from a relative.

These documents are important now as you will want them in place in case your condition worsens.  Putting it off may mean it is to late to execute these documents and may lead to costly, lengthy but avoidable legal proceedings for your family.

In addition, if you are paying child support and receiving DIB benefits (not SSI) you may be eligible to have your child support reduced.

Also some claimants may need bankruptcy services, personal injury services or worker’s comp services (if an injury lead to the disability)