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Special Ed Attorneys, Part 1: When Should You Hire One?

A nice 3 part series from Katie Kelly on when, why and how to pick a special education attorney


Special Ed Attorneys, Part 1: When Should You Hire One?.

Know When to Call an Attorney
Unfortunately, significant damage sometimes occurs before a parent is even aware that there is a problem or can take measures to stop it. In that case I would recommend calling a reputable special education attorney immediately. I would strongly recommend calling a special education attorney in situations such as the following:

  • The school district’s attorney shows up at your meeting. (At that point, you should stop the meeting and tell them that you would like to reschedule to include counsel.)
  • Your district has threatened due process.
  • You have threatened due process.
  • You want to transfer your child to a private school and may wish to seek reimbursement.
  • One of you requests a Mediation hearing.
  • A settlement has been offered on a previous issue.
  • You are having chronic contact with your child’s school over behavioral issues.
  • Your child is threatened with expulsion, or has been suspended several times in one school year.
  • Your child is being moved into a program that you feel is inappropriate.
  • You want an Independent Educational Evaluation.
  • Your school is making you feel powerless and is consistently not acting in what you would consider to be the best interest of your child.
  • You or your child is being threatened with legal action, including arrests or child protective services, or one of those has occurred.