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  1. That is horrible and I hope that person who kicked and innocent life saving animal gets fired and arrested. I have a service dog also and if he ever was abused by anyone I would probably file charges, call state attorney general’s office, call the Comm. against discrimination in that state, and possibly beat the person who did it.; Yes I am a woman. My dog has saved my life numerous times, including the lives of others around him. The other day while walking out of a building, my dog crossed in front of me which he never does, and led me to a big SUV parked. He was standing up against the passenger who was an elderly lady falling out of the seat. HE STAYED UP NEXT TO HER UNTIL HER DAUGHTER CAME AROUND FROM THE DRIVER’ SIDE TO GET HER. HE WAS NOT TRAINED TO DO THIS BUT THEY ARE SPECIAL, AND SENSE DANGER. The ladies asked me how he knew and could not believe it. HE IS A GOLDEN DOODLE OF THREE YEARS. So anyone abusing a helping dog needs to be punished.