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Bias settlement could give thousands new hearings on disability claims

The complaint was brought against the commissioner of the Social Security Administration, Michael Astrue, by eight disabled individuals whose disability benefit claims were rejected by one of five ALJs — David Nisnewitz, Marilyn Hoppenfeld, Seymour Fier, Michael Cofresi and Hazel Strauss. They work in the Queens Office of Disability Adjudication and Review, which is part of the Social Security Administration.

The complaint said that the ALJs created a “brick wall of bias” and accused them of systematically ignoring medical evidence, failing to adhere to legal standards and depriving claimants of fair hearings.

via Bias settlement could give thousands new hearings on disability claims.

Sadly, because Social Security refuses to address the issues of many ALJ’s systematically ignore the rules and regulations, deciding hearings regardless of the evidence, and offering up pseudo hearings when the decision is anti-claimant (as they are addressing the issue when the ALJ seems to ignore the rules and is pro-claimant) a lawsuit like this was necessary and may lead to more.

And if you wonder if the ALJ’s involved were removed, they were not.  Due to the rules it is beyond difficult to remove them.