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Almost half of Americans forgo medical care due to cost

According to a CNN article 43% of working Americans forgo health care treatment due to costs.  This includes not seeing a doctor, not filling a prescription, or not following recommended care. It is well known that prevention and early intervention can help stem or slow down the severity of medical…


Getting_the_Facts_Straight_on_Disability04-02-13FINAL.pdf.   Great document highlighting the actual FACTS about SSA Disability and not the partial spun fact being presented in many articles.  Also check out this article   which repeats much of the same information I’ve blogged about when these sensational news stories hit the wires    

Open Letter to NPR from Former SSA commissioners

There is information around Social Security circles today that the former SSA commissioners have sent an Open Letter to NPR.  At this time, I have not been able to confirm the source or accuracy of the letter.  Thus the information may or may not be 100% accurate (or even accurate…

Social Security Disability in the News

You can’t turn on the TV, Radio or open any magazine or newspaper, not to mention internet sites, blogs etc, without finding a new article on Social Security Disability.  The information being provided ranges from factually incorrect and very negative to more positive stories that get their facts right.  It…

Mystery ALJ Policy to end

SSA has announced that the mystery ALJ policy will end effective April 20th, ALJ names will again appear on Notices of hearing. Unrepresented and already have a hearing scheduled?  You can now call the hearing office (prior to April 20th) and request the name of the ALJ hearing your case….