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Almost half of Americans forgo medical care due to cost

According to a CNN article 43% of working Americans forgo health care treatment due to costs.  This includes not seeing a doctor, not filling a prescription, or not following recommended care.

It is well known that prevention and early intervention can help stem or slow down the severity of medical condition.  With so many unable to afford care, you end up with more advanced cancer, worsening of chronic conditions, and other problems that now become disabling when, if access to care was more affordable, could have been prevented.

Almost 80% or more of my clients have to forgo some form of care while waiting out their Social Security cases!  Even those with insurance are having to choose between copays or food, and some of the medications are the only thing keeping them alive. Medical technology is both a bLessing and a curse.  It allows us to live longer and to live longer with conditions that otherwise would have ended our lives.  We live longer today with disabilities then ever before.

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