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Divorce or Dissolution?

Question:  I don’t want to be married anymore do I file a divorce or a dissolution?

Answer:  There are two ways to terminate a marriage in Ohio, either a Divorce or Dissolution proceedings.  There are significant differences between the two.  One important difference is that you can only get temporary orders in a divorce.  Another is that you must plead specific grounds justifying the divorce.  But divorce proceedings tend to take longer and are more expensive.  A Dissolution is faster and less expensive, but requires you and your spouse to be in agreement on settlement when filed.

Even if you file a divorce, you can still reach a settlement in your case.  The state of Ohio offers many options to reach settlement, including using the collaborative process and mediation.

The best way to know which option fits your needs is to speak to an attorney.  I am here to answer your questions, Because Life Happens.