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Social Security and Child Support

Question:  Can my Social Security Benefits be garnished for child support?

Answer: Maybe, it depends on whether you are getting Disability Insured Benefits, Retirement Benefits, or SSI.  SSI cannot be garnished for child support, but the other’s can.  Support orders are one of the few things that can be garnished from SSA benefits.

But, if you are on Retirement or Disability insured benefits, and the child, you are paying support for, also receives an auxillary payment from your account, you are entitled to having that amount credited towards the child support you owe.  ANy back pay they recieve should be credited against any back due child support you owe.

Finally, you should have your support order recalucated with the change in your income.  Between the typical lowering of your income, coupled with the auxillary payment to the child, your child support amount will be more manageable if not complete removed.

Do you owe child support and recieve SSA disability?  Trying to get disability and have child supprot issues?  Call me today to discuss your options and form a plan, Because Life Happens