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Mystery ALJ Policy to end

SSA has announced that the mystery ALJ policy will end effective April 20th, ALJ names will again appear on Notices of hearing. Unrepresented and already have a hearing scheduled?  You can now call the hearing office (prior to April 20th) and request the name of the ALJ hearing your case….

What will my disability hearing be like?

This is a common question for clients, many of them are nervous and anxious about their hearings.  I also get asked if the client will have to speak and the answer is always YES!  While there will be other people talking at your hearing, the majority will come from you….

Disability Judges – SSA’s secret Judge Policy

By now, unless you have been living under a rock, you have seen multiple news stories about Social Security Disability.  Whether it has been the announcement that the fund will run out of reserves in a few years or the media focus on how EASY  people get award benefits, the…