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DDN investigation into delayed social security benefits… |

In a July 30 article, the Daily News reported that the Social Security Administration’s Dayton hearing office in the last two fiscal years was the second slowest in the nation for processing appeals for benefits. Even though the office has improved wait times — this year it has not ranked…

Social Security Disability Hearing – Don’t have an attorney

Here is what you need to prepare for. 1)Social Security will send you notice in the mail of your hearing date and time.  Thus you need to make sure that any address changes are promptly communicated to Social Security. 2) If that date and time is not good for you,…

What will my disability hearing be like?

This is a common question for clients, many of them are nervous and anxious about their hearings.  I also get asked if the client will have to speak and the answer is always YES!  While there will be other people talking at your hearing, the majority will come from you….