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Social Security is approving a lower percentage of cases what can I do to help my case

  Social Security disability is all over the news.  Every time you turn around there is another article about the rise in the number of disability cases being filed, the rise of the number of people receiving benefits, and calls for fundamental changes to the system.  What these stories do not tell…

Top 10 Reasons to Hire an Attorney for your disability case

10.  You’re sick and in pain and without an attorney your disability application or appeal is just another thing you would have to worry about alone. 9.   Because an attorney know how important each of those questions are like how much did you lift and how often and what…

What will my disability hearing be like?

This is a common question for clients, many of them are nervous and anxious about their hearings.  I also get asked if the client will have to speak and the answer is always YES!  While there will be other people talking at your hearing, the majority will come from you….